'Fishing Friends - Manitou, Marley, & Nero'

Eskimo Rider (Marley) is 9" tall made from 1/4" golden tan (with dark back) Shulte mohair & ultra-suede
pawpads. Parka & Mukluks are made from brown ultra-suede lined/trimmed with rabbit fur and bead-work.
Also, wears a necklace made from wooden beads & a Coyote claw.

Polar bear (Manitou) is made of the 1" dense mohair and mini mohair pawpads. He stands approx 9" tall
and 16" in length. He wears handmade saddle made from rawhide leather hand dyed, tooled, buffed &
waxed; along with black leather reins. Also wears a matching beaded collar.

Baby seal (Nero) is 6" in length and is made from dense 1/4" blonde tipped mohair and wears matching
beaded collar w/ brown leather leash. Glass eyes & w/ horse hair whiskers.

His many handmade accessories (in addition to saddle) include:
Fishing spear made of pine w/ spear tip hand caved from a deer antler, and beaded accent. Six wooden carved
& painted fish & lure. Beaded ultra-suede medicine bag, water canteen made from black & white cowhide &
leather. Also packs a fleece bedroll.


Fishing Friends