"Neeko" - a 2012 Industries TOBY award winner
in the small Artist Bear Dressed category

This ONE-OF-A-KIND set was made for the TBAI 2011 show and now happily
resides in the Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum in Santa Barbra, CA.

Neeko - Eskimo Bear is 9 " tall, Made of old ivory Shulte mohair, is fully jointed, w/ german glass eyes.
Dressed in his finest ultra-seude parka & mukluks lined w/ rabbit fur & accented w/ beadwork. His necklace
is made of wooden beads & coyote claws. He also wears a set of handmade snowshoes made from bamboo,
basswood & leather. Neeko also carries a hand carved fishing ploe with the 'catch of the day' for dinner.


Neeko 2012 Toby winner