"Polar Pals - Fishin' in the Tundra "

Named a 2011 Industries Choice TOBY award winner as well as
The Public's Choice TOBY award winner
in the Artist Set / Vignette Category

This ONE-OF-A-KIND piece was made for the TBAI 2010 show
Koda (Eskimo), and his pals; Trax, (polar bear) & Finn, (seal) have just come back from fishing for their dinner.

Koda - is a 9" fully jointed bear made of dense shulte mohair, wears an ultra suede Parka & Mukluks lined with
short white mink fur. (recycled of coarse)
ultra suede pawpads & glass eyes, he also carries a trident w/ fish.

- is a 16" Polar Bear (nose to tail) made of lush distressed mohair. mohair pawpads and hand painted German
Glass eyes. He is fitted with a handmade leather miniature western saddle.

- is 6" long made from shulte mohair, horse hair whiskers, glass eyes, & has matching collar with leather leash
& charm added so that he doesn't get mistaken as being on the dinner menu :o)

Polar set