'The Prospect of Gold'
2012 Industries Choice TOBY award winner

This piece was made for the 2011 Teddy Bear Artist Invitational Gallery. The theme was
'Treasures of the World'; so we modeled this from the 'Gold Rush' era.

Prospector (49er panning for Gold) is 9" tall, is fully jointed, poly stuffed & German glass eyes,
He is made from brown mini mohair w/ tan mini-mohair pawpads.
He is dressed in blue jeans, plaid shirt, suspenders, & felt 'pappy' hat.

Blackbear - (packmule) is made of the 1" dense black mohair and mini mohair pawpads, has hand painted
starbust glass eyes & jointed head. He stands approx 9" tall and 16" in length.
He wears handmade saddle made from rawhide (tanned leather), hand tooled, dyed, buffed &
waxed; along with brown leather reins. Also wears a tooled leather collar.

His many handmade accessories (in addition to saddle) include:
leather saddle bags, water canteen made from brown & white cowhide, & fleece bedroll.
Other accessories include: basswood base, pick-axe & shovel, rifle, lantern, can goods, whiskey jug,
food sacks, water barrel, firepit, coffee pot w/ dishes, buckets, panning tin & bottle or gold nuggets.


The Prospect of Gold