~ Meet "Bearrol Flynn as Robin Hood " ~

This ONE-OF-A-KIND piece was made for the 2010 TBAI Gallery
~ The theme was: 'classic children's literature or film' ~

Robin Hood is 13" tall, Made of cinnamon 1/4" dense Helmbold mohair
His many hademade accessories include: leather (sword) scabbard, sheath, wrist guard,
quiver with arrows, & coin pouch (to give to the poor) He has
hand painted german glass eyes
& ultra suede pawpads. His outfit, hat & boots are also made of ultra suede.

Longbow is made of basswood, incudes 8 arrows hand fletched (w/ turkey feathers),
comes complete with bullseye and is made from deerskin, stuffed with excelsior.
He also stands on a basswood base.

~~~Scroll to bottom to see the real 'Robin Hood' that bear was modeled after...

Robin from the hood