"There's a new Sheriff in town"

This ONE-OF-A-KIND set was made for the Spectacular Bear Display
at the Clarion 2010 Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland.

Grizzly Bear is 14" long & stands 9" tall, Made of brown 5/8" dense Shulte Mohair
Accessories include: hademade out of leather; leather saddle bags, saddle, rifle scabbard, bridle & reigns,
bedroll, rope & canteen. He has
hand painted german glass eyes & ultra suede pawpads.

Sheriff stands 9 " tall, made of 1/4" Helmbold mohair, fully jointed, dressed in his finest leather vest, matching
belt & side holster, cowboy hat, (bolo) texas-tie, collar & cuffs. Ultra suede paw pads & german glass eyes.