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About The Artists

Capt*n Ron & Kristy

Once upon a time, in 1993… Boy meets Girl; Boy bought a Teddy Bear for Girl & the Girl fell madly in love… with BOTH of them!! Within a year, they would marry and over the next 2 decades embark on an adventure of collecting Bears and traveling the countryside and enjoying every minute of it. Those ‘kids’ are better known as Capt*n Ron & Kristy Northman.  Little did Kristy know that all those years Ron harbored a secret desire to make his very own mohair bear. Something that came natural to him since his mother was a very talented artist in her own right; from canvas painting, sculpture, to paper mache’.

In 2003, Capt*n took on a challenge form a Bear Artist friend to follow his dream to make his very own Artist bear. That 1st bear turned out to feed an addiction to follow perfection and the "dream" was officially launched as ‘Capt*n Ron’s Bears’. Kristy always eager to help, became his trusted apprentice where the two worked together to set out to design and make their own bears and join in the Teddy Bear Artist World. Working hand and hand, having the times of their lives and letting the fur fly in their den. In 2005, they did their very 1st Artist Bear show and a new whirlwind adventure began. Many think that Kristy is the sewing expert but, I assure you its Ron behind the machine. He spent 30 years as an engineer (by trade) in his ‘other life’ so he soon found that he is a natural ‘Bear Surgeon’. They are forever in pursuit of coming up with bears that are both new & unique. Most are designed after their favorites like the traditional, classic, and realistic bears. Kristy’s specialty is the design process, color pallet, cutting patterns, and making accessories. But, her favorite part is getting to name their creations. She takes it as serious as naming their children; the 2 legged ones!   

In 2010, they entered their very 1st TOBY award competition. They were thrilled to see their ‘Pfeifer the Patriot’ bear take home the Toby’s Industries Choice award as well as the Public’s Choice Toby award in the 'Small Artist Bear Dressed' category. They’ve also had the good fortune to see many bears adopted who now have the distinguished honor to live in Teddy Bear Museums both in the USA and abroad. Other awards include: May of 2011, the ‘Beverly Port - Collectors Choice Award of Excellence’ for their ‘Grizzly Adams’ piece; along with another set of 2011 TOBY awards. Both the Industries Choice Toby award and the Public’s Choice Toby award for the ‘Polar Pals – Fishin’ in the Tundra’ piece, this time around in the Artist set/ Vignette Category.They have built quite the reputation for that 'attention to detail' right down to many handmade accessories that go with thier bears.
2012 brought 3 new honors of Toby's Industries Choice award winners, this time in 3 different catagoreis: Small Dressed, Large Dressed, and Vignette.
Then in 2013, they recieved another Industries Choice Toby award for 'Davey & Crockett' in the Vignette category.

(You can see many of these & other very special bears by clicking on the 'Awards' link above)

We Three Pirates
Us pictured with our 2012 Industrie's Choice Toby winner 'Pirate Captain Ron'

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